We are located 20 minutes south of Hamilton Ontario, we relocated to our current property in 1997 were we found room to grow. We have built our kennel facility to accommodate occasional borders as well as our personal dogs. With three ponds available for recreational and training use, we can offer assistance to our new and existing dog owners on our own property.

From the very first time we met Chesapeake Bay Retrievers a journey began that has lasted now for over 20 years. You can only experience the dedication that these dogs will give to you, is to be a proud owner of one of the hardest working dogs I have ever known. I purchased my first retriever to be the dog that I could hunt until the last day of the season and I’ve never been disappointed .They also become a very dedicated member of the family that are only happy when they are pleasing there family.

I tell people that they get out of a dog what they put into one! It’s very important to socialize your dog, I feel that a dog only reacts poorly to things they have never been exposed to. By making adventures positive from a road trip to a trip to the vet to a family outing it’s all part of the training that will aid your new best friend’s social outlook.

Although we have been around for many years we do not produce many litters, we do our best through medical and genetic testing to produce litters that are as strong in the field as the confirmation ring. Our dogs are as versatile as the owner who trains them, and our goal is to have a dog that will bring many years of happiness to it ownership.

Feel free to browse our site and if you have any questions, we are available most evenings and if we don’t catch you, leave us a message or an email and we will do our very best get back to as soon as possible.

The London Family